Daniel Sinasohn For Stardom Underwear

Daniel Sinasohn is impossibly photogenic. He has one of those faces that is both intense and youthful. His jaw line is sharp and the looks he gives the camera are piercing. He looks great in this photoshoot for Stardom Underwear. Most of the shots by photographer Sam Ramirez are in black and white, making Daniel look more sophisticated rather than jut sexy. One portrait shot is in color however, and we get to see his blue eyes and pink lips. But our favorite photo from the bunch is the one where he isn’t wearing anything at all.

Daniel wears a pair of white briefs and stands on a rooftop. His cute face is hidden in a shadow, drawing our attention on his toned tummy. In two other shots, we get to see his full body. His face is hidden, and his hand is down the front of his briefs. He looks distressed and sexy, and we wish we could cheer him up. Eventually Daniel takes a shower, maybe to clear his head. He is naked, his hand holding onto his private parts and his decency. He hasn’t dried off yet and we can see beads of water holding onto him. They catch the light nicely, but are the last thing you notice when looking at his gorgeous face and bod.

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Photo Credit: Sam Ramirez