Colby Melvin/Jose Parra At LA Pride 2014 & More Model Social Media Pics

LA Pride 2014

This week in our underwear model social media round up, we caught Colby Melvin, guns blazing, during LA Pride 2014, but, he was not alone. Joining Melvin near the Grunt App festivities was Jose Parra, decked out in his team Freedom Reigns neon attire.

Also, this week, a mystery model decided to see if he could pull off casper the friendly ghost wearing a mask and black briefs. Did he fool you? Do you know who it is? It’s none other that Derek Allen Watson.

We also caught Steven Dehler playing dress up on the set of a music video inspired by A Clockwork Orange. Zachary Koval also took us BTS of the shoot he did with Charles Quiles a while back for Justin Case.

Check out more model social media moments in the gallery below. Which is your favorite moment from the week? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram