Christian Sanatamaria For Hot Impetus

The new Spring/Summer 2014 collection form Portuguese underwear brand Impetus is here and model Christian Santamaria looks so hot in it. But of course he does. The collection, known as “Hot Impetus,” has a number of brightly-colored undies and attractive shirts that hug his toned body. As a whole, the collection has plenty of contrast and sex appeal for Christian to play around with. Looking confident and sexy, he owns each look and we got to enjoy the cute briefs and his hot physique.

The Hot Impetus photo shoot has a cool visual style that Christian can’t help but melt. His backdrop is fashionable, both blue and metallic. Each pair of underwear looks good against it, and the lighting dips in and out of the crevices between all those muscles of his. One standout boxer brief he looks great in has a sunset and palm tree print that looks like a coastal highway on a summer night. The sexiest look though might be the white boxer briefs with the small cut-out details on either side of the pouch.

Watch the video below to see just how sexy Christian Santamaria looks in the Hot Impetus collection. This model and these looks deserve to be seen in motion. After all, “impetus” means the force with which a body moves.

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For more information on this brand: Impetus

Photo Credit: Impetus