The Candyman Camo Trim Thong Is Not For Staying Camouflaged

Deviously sexy underwear brand Candyman always gives us a sweet tooth. Known for their adventurous designs and revealing looks, the new Candyman camo trim thong ($10) is no different. This is a sexy thong that will stop anyone dead in their tracks. Made from a breathable mesh constructed pouch and not much else, this thong is about as lightweight as it can get (96% nylon and 4% spandex). If you are looking to stay covered and look decent, look elsewhere. This thong is for looking utterly sexy.

The camo trim thong has a center seamed pouch that is made of a sheer material, making the only solid part of fabric in this look revealing and attractive. There is also an erotic cut-out above the pouch to show off some skin right above your groin. Around the back, the camo printed straps cross right above the rear. This look is held together by sexy lines and shows off so much skin, it almost begs to be taken off. Almost. Wear this thong whenever you want if you want to walk around knowing you’ve got the hottest underwear around. This look is also available in a blue and red plaid trim.

The Candyman camo trim thong is available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information on this brand: Candyman

Photo Credit: Candyman