Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter, A Command To Ignore

Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter

The Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter Trunks ($27.95) command us to stay away. But how can we? Obviously we want to know what’s hidden behind that not-so-subtle chain link fence design. Of course, we know Bjorn Borg doesn’t want us to really stay away. That’s why the Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter Trunks are crafted with such eye catching graphics and a great attention to detail.

The 95% cotton/5% elastane mix is reliable, comfortable, cooling, and well-crafted. The Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter Trunks are designed with a slightly longer leg to ensure support across your entire midsection. And as always, the waistband is semi-thick elastic with the Swedish tennis star’s name emblazoned in a repeating fashion across its face. The Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter trunks also feature a center seamed pouch. It has two arching seams that follow your toned thigh muscle up into your hip sockets. It is a design element we expect from a man that has to run, lunge, and swivel on a daily basis. The trunks are available in black with white fencing graphic or blue with light blue fencing graphic.

The red tag is located in the center of the back. Above that, a seamless seat that will hug your fanny and keep it packed up tight. Yeah Bjorn, we’re ignoring your command and entering these great trunks.

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The Bjorn Borg Do Not Enter trunks are available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on this brand: Bjorn Borg

Photo Credit: Bjorn Borg