Backsplash: The Andrew Christian Overboard Shoot

With summer fast approaching and swim season in full-swing, we thought we would throwback to this gem of a photo shoot. The Andrew Christian Overboard shoot is a highlight from summers past, and we can’t get enough of the AC guys in their swim bikinis. The shoot includes six men, more than enough for a party, and by the looks of things they are having plenty of fun. We would gladly volunteer to be thrown overboard with these guys.

It’s low tide and the guys are sitting on the sand. Things start to get playful and just a little bit dirty when they start touching each other. Three of the sexy guys lay down with their heads touching another one’s body pretty close to their rears. Then the entire group turns its attention toward Cory Lee. They start pouring drinks into his mouth, and things only get wetter from there. This is one hot day of the beach, and we aren’t talking about the weather.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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