The Andrew Christian Color Vibe Sports Collection Will Brighten Your Night


The Andrew Christian Color Vibe Sports Collection has a range of options. Perfect for whether you’re going to the gym, doing some shopping, or dancing half dressed under a blacklight. The briefs ($13.93), trunks ($15.93), and jockstrap ($15.93) are three versatile looks that allow for the most pleasure a man can have still wearing underwear.

The Andrew Christian Color Vibe Sports Collection is limited edition. Pretty soon they’ll be just a memory… and what a memory. All three looks are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The pouch is “package enhancing,” not that you need it. The design is anatomically correct, designed to fit and grip like a glove. The underwear has a hang-free design. There are no hidden cups, straps, or padding in the front. Only extra room, ’cause you need it. The snuggle pouch is super soft and you’ll feel swaddled by the soft fabric and sexy design. The fit is designed to eliminate rubbing and chaffing and to that we say: hell yes.

If you’re buying the Andrew Christian Color Vibe briefs or trunks then the backside is seamless and accentuates the curves of each cheek. If you’re buying the jockstrap then never mind. The Andrew Christian Color Vibe Sports Jockstrap lets your actual bottom do the talking. The waistband is a bright yellow. It’s medium size and the Andrew Christian logo will glow brightly under the blacklight. We told you! All three looks come in coral and teal and are all you need to live your life, day and night.

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All in all The Andrew Christian Color Vibe Sports Collection is available in sizes XS-XL.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

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