8 Sun-Kissed Underwear Models On The Beach

Summer means going to the beach on a hot day and showing some skin. But when models go to the beach, the sun doesn’t seem so hot. These 8 underwear models on the beach really turn up the heat. They make us want to break a sweat, and to get wet in the ocean water, just to cool off.

1. Diego Miguel


This was a photo shoot Diego did for Details Magazine. Shot in Rio de Janeiro, Diego Miguel sports a lot of sexy swimwear looks that his perfect body can’t help but pull-off in the most flattering ways. He is eye-candy to the max, and we would love to bump into him at the beach. Especially in that black swim brief.

2. Victor Velasquez


This gorgeous guy dips in the waters of Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. Modeling looks from the Malebasics Spot Collection, Victor Velasquez channels the sporty looks to embody that perfect summer stud. He’s tan (getting tanner) and toned, a totally stunning combination in this photo shoot.

3. Leon Nieuwoudt

The “Hot Blue” photo shoot by Juan Neira was all about getting Leon in the water. And out of those clothes. He wears nothing but blue jeans and solid white, which becomes nearly transparent after Leon splashes in the water.

4. Lucas Bernardini

Lucas Bernardini has a well-groomed scruff and a set of abs sharp enough to make the cut. His body is to die for and he relaxes along the coast in denim. The photo shoot is gorgeous and totally channels the feeling of being at the shore during summer. Lucas gets sand stuck to his skin, and you know the denim is getting misted by the salty air.

5. Jon Herrmann

Talk about adorable! Jon Hermann was photographed for Coitus Online, and he looks so hot playing the role of sun-soaked golden boy. He wears a lot of swimwear, and a youthful tank or two. But most of the time he is shirtless, and his body is something we could stare at all day long. And days are longer during summer, luckily for us.

6. Juan Betancourt

Juan Betancourt does beach the classy way in this photo shoot for ADON Magazine. He has way too good of a fashion sense to be a beach bum, and the only thing harder than is body is the rocky coast he poses along. We wouldn’t mind bumping into this hottie at the beach.

7. Leonardo Hoth

Leonardo Hoth’s photo shoot is moody, the beach behind him making the photo shoot a sensual set of snapshots. This Brazilian babe wears some high fashion looks that are stunning in black-and-white. This shoot isn’t so much about the summer sun, as it is the crashing waves and Leonardo’s rocking bod.

8. Victor Manuel


Victor Manuel is a fitness model and a personal trainer based in Miami. With a tattoo he exposes to the sun, he makes the perfect day look even better. His chest is amazing, too. This is a guy who belongs in the sun, and with as little clothing as possible.

How much of a beach mood are you in after feasting your eyes on these studs taking advantage of the summer sun? Which guy would you rather have apply the sunscreen to your back? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert, Homorazzi, Coitus Magazine