12 Tattooed Models That Get Under Our Skin

There is something so irresistibly sexy about a hot guy with ink on his skin. It doesn’t matter if the tattoo is text, colorful, black and white, or small and sophisticated — these gorgeous guys all leave a permanent impression. Whether they come off as bad boys, or sweethearts with an edge, these are 12 tattooed models that get under our skin and stay there.

1. Thomas Davenport

2. Alex Minsky

3. Cameron Smith

4. André Hamman

5. Albin Grkovic

6. Brandyn Farrell

7. Diego Fragoso

8. Jimmy Larsen

9. Matthew Camp

10. Giovanni Hiraldo

11. Richard Rocco

12. Danilo Borgato

What do you think of the tattooed hotties that made our list? Are tattoos a turn-on for you? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert, Tumblr, Malemodelscene.net, Blogspot, Pinterest