The AussieBum Gelato Collection Is A Sweet Treat


The aussieBum Gelato Collection proves it: aussieBum is delicious! The collection comes in two styles: Jocks ($15.09) and Briefs ($18.45).  The all cotton underwear is designed in a variety of colors. Each color is named after various gelato flavors like: melon, cherry, espresso, and more.

When you buy aussieBum underwear you know you are getting a quality product. With the Gelato Collection, you get a doubly sweet treat. The Gelato Collection has a fantastic design, reliable quality from one of Australia’s top underwear brands, and exceptional comfort. The waistband is designed to sit at your hips, keeping the underwear up without digging into your skin.

The aussieBum Gelato Collection is available in sizes XS-XXL.

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Photo Credit: aussieBum

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