Take The Garcon Model Survey And WIN Free Underwear!


Canadian underwear brand Garçon Model wants your feedback to better understand your underwear wants, needs and desires!

Welcome To The Garçon Model Miami Collection

Canadian underwear brand Garçon Model understands the benefit of customer loyalty. It was thanks to their customers and fans who late last year raised funds on Kickstarter that enabled the young brand to expand their collection for Spring/Summer 2014.

Now, in order to better understand what customers really want from their underwear Garçon Model has launched a survey to gain statistics on everything from your favorite underwear fabrics to colors and desires.

The important research will be used to guide the brand’s future design, production and marketing decisions ahead of the next collection.
To show their thanks every person that answers the questionnaire will be entered into a prize draw to win underwear from their new MIAMI Collection!

Take the Garcon Model SURVEY HERE, it will be live from now until June 1st! After you’re done, continue to show your dedication to the brand by snapping a selfie of yourself in their undies and entering it into their selfie contest. They will only love you more and so will we!

For more information on the brand: Garcon Model

Photo Credit: Garcon Model

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