Nasty Pig Constellation Trunks Will Make You See Stars


Nothing says boxing like black and blue.  Thankfully, The Nasty Pig Constellation Trunks ($65) let you wear those colors in style — as underwear.

Made from comfortable lightweight nylon, and designed to avoid snags, these fit comfortably without being overly snug. You’ll be able to dodge and weave to work in comfort and  style. The waistband is made of high quality elastic, with the brand name and sleek double racing stipe embroidered across the front. A compact web stitching runs down the side of the thigh, complimented by yellow on the blue pair and white on the black.

You won’t find any side pockets, but a little inside pouch pocket does just enough to keep you tucked in and still show off what you’ve got. They come in black with red waistband and white piping or blue with yellow waistband and piping.

The Nasty Pig Constellation Trunks are available in sizes S-XL.

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For more information on this brand: Nasty Pig.


Photo Credit: Nasty Pig

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