Underwear Tease: The Ken Wroy Brazil Sensation Campaign

Ken Wroy Brazil Sensation

Ken Wroy Brazil Sensation

After gaining tons of attention and popularity for their first few lines, Ken Wroy is gearing up to launch its latest campaign, Brazil Sensation.

According to the founder of the brand, Vasumathi S, the latest from the New York City brand is inspired by sun, warmth, and dancing. The campaign exclaims, “Let the party curtains be drawn up. This summer, be transported to Brazil with Ken Wroy biting into juicy sugarcanes, soaking in the sun and breathing the carnival air. Soccer to samba, Sugarloaf mountain to Copacabana, Ken Wroy brings you captivating designs to tickle the carnival fire in you. With colors daringly splashed across the canvas, breathe in the fun and bend it with Brazil! ”

Ken Wroy is recognized for bringing the energy of NYC into its design aesthetic, and this time they are heading South to the capture the movement and energy of Brazilian dance and Capoeira artists.

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For more information on the brand: Ken Wroy

Photo Credit: Marginal Boundaries

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