The Nasty Pig Rubber Jock 2.0


Item Reviewed: Nasty Pig Rubber Jock 2.0

About The Product: The Nasty Pig Rubber Jock 2.0 is one of the brand’s most classic pieces, but it’s been upgraded for current times. It now features a quilted pouch lining to help give the jockstrap’s shape more depth. It also has an upgraded waistband to help secure the jockstrap in place, making it a much sturdier fit and feel.

What We Like: We really found the all black Rubber Jock 2.0 to be hot and sort of daring. It took us out of our comfort zone, but once we saw ourselves in the mirror in it, we could definitely get into it. All of the straps including the waistband and the back straps were unbelievably comfortable, and the back straps did a great job at falling in the right place to give our butt an extra lift.

What We Didn’t Like: The rubber pouch is entirely too big. The quilted material inside the pouch is meant to give it more shape and make it sturdier, however, we feel that wouldn’t be a problem if they cut a third of the material out. It was simply too wide and covered half our thighs.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Wrestlers, Batman, Rubbermen

When We’d Wear Them: To the gym, or an underwear party.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Dark, Fetish-y, Hot


Style: Jockstrap
Pouch: Quilted-lined pouch
Rise: Average
Coverage: Minimal
Fit: Loose
Waistband: Thick elastic band.
Fabric: 77% polyamide and 23% nylon
Retail: $35
Collection Colors: All black, black/red and black/yellow
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: N/A
Collection Sizes: S-X:
Made In: China

For more information on this brand: Nasty Pig

Photo Credit: Nasty Pig

Product Supplied by Nasty Pig.