The Malebasics Spot Collection Puts The Spotlight Back On What Really Matters

malebasic spot

malebasic spot

The newest from Malebasics is the Spot collection, which was designed around the brand’s motto, “To manufacture the most comfortable underwear.” The team behind the Miami based brand also wanted to put the spotlight back on a man’s greatest attributes, from its cut, color, fabric and contour.

The collection is mostly created with Yael — a mirofiber — that has a mesh-like quality and makes you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. The Yael itself is made from a 78% nylon and 22% lycra blend and is designed in white for most of the looks. The shaped and structured color appears in the pouches, rears and as vertical lines on the sides; and, it is made from 93% cotton and 2% lycra. The Malebasics Spot Brief ($22.50) comes in two looks: a red and white look, and a black and white. Each of them have matching waistbands according to their coloring. For a bit more length there is the Malebasics Spot New Sexier Trunk ($24.50), which comes in two color combinations as well. The first look is in pink and white, with added leg trimmings and a new enhanced black waistband. The second look has turquoise elements with a red Malebasics waistband. The last in the series is the Malebasics Spot Jockstrap ($21.50) which is fashioned in all Yael and also comes in two color options. There is a jock with a white pouch, black straps and seams and a red waistband, and the other look has a black pouch and band with contrasting red back straps.

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The Malebasics Spot collection is available in sizes S-XL.

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