Life During Wartime: Modus Vivendi Wants You!


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! It’s a way of life, and in Latin, that translates to Modus Vivendi. So, jump in the foxhole with the Soviet-affected, Full Metal Jacket-inspired Velvet by Modus Vivendi, and live it!

In Soviet Russia, clothes wear you! World-renowned fashion designer Christos Bibitsos knew this when he created a sassy new menswear line made of high quality Italian velvet with masculine clothing in black, grey and khaki. Each look creates throwback cool: the loose, easy to wear velvet sweat shorts (€32.50) made of a cotton-polyester blend inspired by the 80’s heyday fashion with the elastic waist provide a great fit and plush approach; the velvet shorts (€67.50) deliver innovative ribbed hems and pockets as well as incorporate drawcords to provide a comfy fit; and the velvet pants (€83.50), fashioned into retro carrot fit joggers, provide extra storage. The velvet jacket (€94.00), adorned here with war medals and medallions, is perhaps the most hip: not only providing a zip fastening and two pockets at the front, but also a high ribbed neck and elasticated ribbed cuffs.

Seen in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Vogue, Nitro and Marie Claire, among others, high-fashion photographer Dimitris Skoulos’  gritty and stark take on such a campaign gives an element of suspense, while the red-blooded Thomas Patrick of VN models gives us a sultry thousand-yard stare, raising temperatures and providing an element of danger. Styled by Aris Georgiadis with make up & hair by S&G, Patrick — smeared in greasepaint — really makes the clothes pop with scandalous swagger and killer Russian roulette poses. But Patrick aside, this is truly a line for guys who really want to strut their stuff, whether you’re lounging around the house over the weekend or getting in shape for the summer. Go out with a bang in this sexy Bibitsos-designed line.

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For more information on the brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: Dimitris Skoulos