EXCLUSIVE: Alex Minsky Is The Face Of Jack Adams 2014

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Last time we chatted with Afghan vet turned underwear model in May 2013, Alex Minsky was in the midst of tackling personal and professional feats. Injured on duty in 2009, Alex woke up from a coma missing his right leg. For many — if not most — people, going through a traumatic experience like that could hold a person back, but for Alex he overcame his injury and personal demons, because he’s “just Alex.”

Alex Minsky Photos + Interview

After being discovered in a local gym by famed photographer Tom Cullis, Alex began to dabble in modeling and has proven threefold how good he is at it. Not only have photographers commented on how easy and professional he is on set, but ABC News has compared him to the next Mark Whalberg and David Beckham, and to round out his success, he has been named as the face of California based underwear brand, Jack Adams.

This is a huge step for his career because Alex has been reborn and risen from the bottom with Phoenix-like grace after his war accident. The California native believes and follows his inspiration of “always achieving a goal,” and having the opportunity of being the face for an underwear brand is one more goal he checked off his list. Not only is his story inspirational, but the way he lives his life is too. This amazing experience has him humbled and thrilled about the fact that he can share this with others and inspire them to accomplish their own personal goals. Combining his story along with his athletic lifestyle explains enough why Jack Adams chose him to be their spokesmodel for 2014, and from the exclusive BTS video and photos in the gallery below, The Underwear Expert believes this is one match that has been written in the stars.

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