Enhancing Underwear From Rounderbum


Rounderbum is under the Rounderwear umbrella, which was established in 2007 as a brand that focuses on bringing high-tech and cutting-edge underwear to men.

This brand stands out amongst competitors because every product is created to enhance male attributes, mainly their front and backsides. Rounderbum makes pairs of underwear that can lift, boost and even add inches.


To add a little bump in the trunk, the Rounderbum Basic Padded Trunk, Boxer and Seamless Brief are made with two soft foam pads found in the back that can easily be removed for washing. The pads not only add more to what you’re working with, but they help give definition and round out your backside. For a more discreet approach, the Rounderbum Basic Lift Trunk and Lift Strap use bands to naturally lift and push your butt up for a perky effect. Four pairs of underwear are also designed using the patented Butt Lift Technology bands and they include the Light Lift. Organic Lift, Lift My Day and Silver Lift.


If you’ve got a back, but need some help in the front, Rounderbum also has you covered there. The Basic Package Trunk and Brief are made with a double function design of a special compartment found in the crotch pouch where the first layer lifts the genitals and the second features a removable cup.

The latest from Rounderbum avoids the gimmicks of padding and cups, and rather uses innovative design and creation to accentuate our delicate parts. The Anatomic collection combines color and shape placement to trick the eye into thinking that our backs and fronts are bigger than they really are. The bold colors contour around your goods, making them stand out more in the neutral colors they underwear is designed in.


Rounderbum also spends time making tops that help slim and define your upper body. They have a Tank Top and Muscle T-Shirt that provided a fitted and slimming effect, amongst other benefits. They also help with posture, back pain and have cooling properties.

You may need the benefits Rounderbum offers, or you may not, but no matter which pair of underwear from their collection you choose, you are guaranteed some of the most comfortable and supportive underwear out there. So go ahead guys, give your body and ego a boost. Your secret is safe with us.

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Photo Credit: Rounderbum