Viny Cenzi for All New Lutiis


Inspired by the glittering sun of the transcendental beaches of Brazil, Lutiis takes away the traditional pastel and neon colors associated with the warmth of spring and summer seasons. Instead, cerulean, white and more earth tone hues sparkle.

Perhaps it sparkles even more so with Brazilian male model Viny Cenzi, who takes the brand to a new level in the latest campaign shot by up-and-coming snapper Daniel Benjamin. Photographed against a white backdrop, the bright-eyed model sports a tri-hued Colorful Striped Tank Top ($89.00) with a striped fedora, a White Tank Top with a Blue Pocket ($89.00) with Twill Bermuda Blue shorts ($99.00), a chic Navy Linen Shirt with Floral Detail ($149.00) with shades, and a soft fitted tricot brief with an slightly usually contour complimented with a black Lutiis Endless Summer travel bag.

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Lutiis underwear is available in sizes S-L

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Photo Credit: Daniel Benjamin