[VIDEO] Petit Q Models Get A Makeover

petit q

The underwear that you thought couldn’t get any smaller or hotter just did. Petit Q has recently released a brand new video in anticipation for their 2014 collections.

Written and directed by Brad Hammer, the fun and quirky video was filmed in downtown Los Angeles with a ton of stars you may recognize. If you’re a big Gleek, there’s no doubt you’ve caught Warbler’s own Samuel Garfield who gives the very toned models an underwear makeover. Some of their faces may be familiar, such as adult entertainer Cody Cummings, LA’s most recognizable boy in nightlife, Eric Angelo, and even Playgirl model Jeff Tetrealt. The hostess Jenna Angeloni has too much fun taking her time undressing the boys, who then get cleaned up before the newest pieces from Petit Q are slipped on them.

Which models do you think had the best makeover? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Petit Q

Video Credit: Brand Hammer and Arthus & Nicos of Petit Q

Photo Credit: Petit Q