Underwear Confessions: Working At Things


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This summer my girlfriend-at-the-time and I would regularly walk by a 2xist swimwear advertisement featuring Kaylan Morgan. I told her that I was going to use this image as a motivator to work out more often—to say it was a goal would be a definite understatement.

I had read a quote about working out somewhere that said, “After four weeks you’ll start to notice, after eight weeks your friends will start to notice, and after twelve weeks so will everyone else.” I created a daily checklist for my workouts. While it was slow and tedious, I started to notice that the workouts were paying off by week four.


Unfortunately my relationship didn’t make it to week eight of my incipient work out regiment, but the break up brought a frustration that became the perfect fuel for intense workouts. Week eight came around and my roommates started to notice—possibly because I was working out in the living room.

Around the tenth week I saw a posting looking for “regular” toned guys to model for the launch of a new underwear company. How often does that happen? Especially when you’re recently single and have been toning up like mad. I submitted myself, heard back, and was one of six guys chosen for the campaign that would launch the brand F**kery Bodywear.

I have neither the genetic predisposition nor the lifestyle to be a professional underwear model, but it’s amazing what a little inspiration and a breakup can lead to. Many thanks to F**kery Bodywear and the team we shot with!


Photo Credit: 2xist, F**kery Bodywear