Snowballs: The Cool Way To Conceive


If you thought heating things up with your partner might better your chances of conceiving, cooling things down may actually be the answer.

At least that’s what Snowballs believes. This chilly pair of underwear was produced by a couple who were desperately trying to have a baby, with no hope in sight. It wasn’t until after years of trying different methods and many doctors that one gynecologist informed them about varicocele – an enlarged vein in the scrotum which raises temperatures – and suggested they try icing the husband’s testicles.


So they began icing, and boom, a year later they had a baby together.

The couple’s endeavors proved fruitful and they thought that their experience could help the other thousands of couples out there who were trying to conceive as well.  Shortly after their baby was born, so was Snowballs.


The husband had to ice his balls for two hours a day, which you can imagine isn’t the most pleasant thing to spend your time doing. Knowing there was an organic and natural way to help increase male fertility, and by combining all of the scientific research they discovered, they were able to create a pair of underwear that not only looks good but will hopefully contribute to the next generation of baby boomers.

The underwear itself is fabricated with 100% organic cotton in grey. There are also SnowWedges, the freezable gel pockets that are ergonomically designed to fit around your crown jewels and keep them cool. They easily insert into the front cut-out, and are meant to stay cool for half an hour.  They are small and discreet and won’t get in the way of your package as you go about your day.

Snowballs retails for $60, and you get two pairs of underwear and three SnowWedges, which allows you to wear two at a time while one stays frozen in the freezer for the next round of icing.

Photo Credit: Snowballs