SLY: Inspired By The Youthful Gold Coast

Youthful Gold Coast

Since 2009, Sly Collective has been growing as one of Australia’s premier underwear brands through their relationships with the local surfing community and the country’s progressive youth culture. Many of their collections are designed after the beauty of the Gold Coast, from the surf to the sand and the surf town’s overall lifestyle.

At 17 years old, budding entrepreneur Dan Murray saw a giant hole between high-end design and style and even higher prices, and wanted to bridge the gap by creating fashion forward underwear that many of his friends could actually afford. His very first line was created with bold and striking prints and graphics and as any true sales man, Dan used his only resources at the time and started his business out of the back of his van during local events, such as festivals parties and of course, on the beach. Four years later, Sly underwear has become a household name and can be found in more than 300 stores in Australia and New Zealand. The underwear brand’s latest venture has been to expand into stores across Europe and America as well.


One of the main reasons behind Sly’s success is its approach to underwear design, which infuses street culture and seasonal fashion trends, resulting in youthful prints such as the Splatter print, Lotus print, Graffiti print, Cop Issue print and one of their most successful designs, the Blue Denim print. To stay relevant in the ever revolving underwear industry, Sly is known for hiring young designers to help their visions come alive and they also team up with local artists to perfect the growing tattoo, graffiti and street cultures into underwear design

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Other than fun and youthful prints and designs, Sly incorporates many construction elements into their briefs, boxer briefs and trunks that you can’t find in other pairs of underwear. They work with only feel-good fabrics, such as the highest of quality stretch cotton and elastics. The legs of every pair of Sly underwear is fashioned with elastic leg trimmings so they will never rid up while the tagless waistband prevents irritation and discomfort. Many of their pairs of underwear also feature a built-in pocket on the legs so you can discretely store small items.

With its booming production and success, Sly has become internationally famous with the help of its many brand ambassadors from the extreme sports industry and famous fans who include actors such as Benji Madden, Anthony Anderson and Randy Jackson. Their products have also been covered by major media outlets such as Men’s Health, FHM Magazine, Maxim Australia and Gold Coast Magazine.

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Photo Credit: Sly Collective and CSA Models

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