New Years Resolution: Cleaning Out Your Underwear Drawer

Underwear Drawer

If you’re into men’s underwear, chances are you have the same problem as us: your underwear drawers are overflowing with tons and tons of pairs of undies. Whether you’re a collector or just happen to be hoarding pairs of underwear because you can’t let them go, it’s a new year and a new you. Clear the clutter and chaos away and start 2014 off with a clear mind and underwear drawer. Here are some tips on how to spruce up your collection and have the sexiest year yet!

If it’s ripped or stained, throw it away!


You certainly don’t want to start of the new year with ratty or grimy underwear, so get rid of them! You wouldn’t hold onto a pair of ripped jeans or greasy dress shirt, and the same rules apply to your undergarments. Pull out all of your underwear and start going through each pair one by one with a close and critical eye. If you come across any with notable rips, tears or holes they should immediately be tossed out with the week’s trash. If you find any pairs with grass, sweat or questionable stains, we highly suggest getting rid of those too. If you’re attached to them, you may want to try one more wash, but if your efforts are futile, it’s time to say good bye.

If you want to invest in underwear that was built to last, try out Tani. Tani prides itself in sourcing the highest quality of fabrics – Micro Modal Air, Swiss Cotton and Japanese Polyester – to create the most luxurious, comfortable and lasting pairs of underwear on the market. They promise that their undies will uphold over years of washing and wear.

Time to grow up, boys!

If you’re out of college and trying to break into the big kid’s world, it’s time to man up and lose the kiddie underwear. Sure, certain retailers make amazing pairs, but they fall into a certain age category that you are no longer a part of. Seriously, if you’re 23 or older it’s time to ditch underwear that has their logo grossly slopped all over the body and waistband . They may have made you king of your high school cafeteria, but chances are anyone who is lucky enough to see you in your undies now will have to stifle their laughter at the oversized eagles flapping across your junk. Maybe one or two are mementos from your glory days or they happen to be your lucky pair. If this is the case, we’ll give you a break, but just ONE. Store them along with the rest of your memories — in the shoe box that’s deep in your closet.

We’re not saying prints are bad, just the obnoxious ones. If you want to grow up, your underwear should grow with you. For flattering and tasteful prints, try Stonemen. Based out of Australia, this brand uses the work of local and international artists and photographers to create some of the most beautifully printed undies we’ve seen recently.

 If it doesn’t fit right, it’s out of sight!

Now that you have gotten rid of the old, the dirty and the not so pretty, it’s time to focus on the fit. Some underwear may appear to be in top shape, but wear after wear the material may have stretched out, making them an ill fit. Try on what you have left in your collection, and if it sags in the butt, or the elastic in the waistband has flayed or loosened, it’s probably time to let them go. There is no point in keeping pairs that do not properly fit. Again, align your underwear to the same rules you would for the rest of your clothes. No matter how stylish or cute they are, a saggy butt has never gotten anyone far in life. For 2014 you want all of your underwear to be flattering, because you never know when you may get caught with your pants down.

If you’re looking for a brand that has a great fit, amazing features, and bold colors, Obviously is your go-to. Another Aussie brand, they have six collections and four styles to choose from. We highly recommend the Modal Chromatic collection for its contoured anatomical pouches and super flattering waistbands.

Time to get organized!

Now that you’ve gotten your collection down to a reasonable, workable size, you’ll have more room to properly store it. In our business, we know for a fact that many guys neglect folding their underwear. However, once everything is folded and organized, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find that one pair you want to wear. We’ve found the best way is by folding them back so that the front center of the waistband and pouch are visible, and then fold in half, bringing the bottom of the pouch back. It will take two seconds per pair and your drawers will look better than ever.

Now that they are all nice and neatly folded, it is up to your personal preference on how to categorize them. You may not want to, but the more detail you put into separating them, the easier your life will be. You may want to organize them by cut or style, keeping the jocks with the jocks and the briefs by themselves. Or, you may want to separate them by occasion – work, gym, play – day of the week, brand or even color. It’s all up to you and this is where you can really get creative.

If you want to take your underwear success in 2014 to the next level, try keeping them as fresh as possible. Using scents in your drawers will penetrate the fabric of the underwear and help them smell good as you wear them throughout the day. There are many ways to go about this, but there are two tips that we personally use. Strategically place scented dryer sheets between the piles of underwear for ultimate freshness. Or, go a step further and spray a piece of tissue paper with your favorite cologne, which you can easily match your collection of Calvin Klein undies to your favorite Ck scent, and then place the tissue at the bottom of the drawer and rotate it out every few weeks. If you’re searching for new scents to experiment with, look no further and check out our recommend Cologne & Underwear Gift Guide!

Now that you have your underwear cleaned up and organized it may be time to focus on your many other New Year’s resolutions, like that drawer that is brimming to the top with mismatched socks.

If you have any tips or advice on how to get your underwear in order for 2014 let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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