Mundo Unico: Winter 2013/2014: HQ images


Mundo Unico returns with a colorful Winter 2013/2014 line for truly everyone to enjoy.

Translated in Spanish, mundo means “world” and unico parallels “extraordinary” or “unique.” Combined, the two convey messages of sole cosmos, “one world,” or our favorite, a brand designed for everybody. The Colombian-based men’s underwear company flaunts chic and sheen designs with its new collection of bold color palettes, zig-zag stripes and interstellar prints.

Available this season is the striped monochromatic bicolor Short Boxer Cup Attraction, a suspensor-style trunk ($35.27), the two-toned striped Supernova Short Boxer Cup ($26.90) and snazzy and rabble-rousing Shooting Beach Shorts ($40).

For those that have the desire to give into temptation, there’s the Tri-color Short Boxer Cup VISPERA, a yellow microfiber boxer brief with a grapevine print ($26.95).  The 78% polyamide and 22% elastane boxer is not only a comfortable fit but provides a breathable contour for the fruit of your loins.

And for those of you who just want to jet-set somewhere and trade winter’s notorious ice tempests for somewhere warm, there’s the Dark Blue Spring Astro Surf Shorts with their blue oil celestial bodies print. With undies for the highbrow or the blue collar, this brand is truly for everybody.

What pair would you choose and where would you go with it? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The 2013 Mundo Unico collection is available in S-XL.

For more information on the brand: Mundo Unico

Photo Credit: Mundo Unico