Last Warrior: Kambourakis Poses For Katja Kat


The up and coming publication Trend Privé is an international risk-taking non-profit magazine for artists; and, they are taking edge to the next level.

“Last warrior,” the delightfully decadent editorial featuring Greek model Mixalis Kampourakis, hair by Agapi Stylidou, and grooming by Vagelis Balakas & Agapi Stylidou, is chockfull of lush, exquisite snapshots by Katja Kat.

Photographed in a post-apocalyptic tumbledown shack, Kampourakis—who is signed with Agencia models—poses in Goth-enthused S&M bondage wear designed by Gkiokan Karad and Celebrityskin. Metallic trinket adorned chains, studded leather cuffs, and kick-ass styled boots in tow (pun intended), the shoot takes the editorial a step further with posh influences from Asian culture—such as a sci-fi chic samurai kilt.

Within Katja Kat’s post-apocalyptic ramshackle netherworld, Kampourakis’ dark and sultry pout brings light into each shot. There’s an undeniable warmth in his eyes while sporting a rad Max-Mad black fur vest. Even when he’s dressed to the nines in a mahogany-like lizard skin jacket or hanging from the destroyed doorway in a shredded collar shirt and shiny pleather leggings, Mixalis Kampourakis is inviting and playful. On second thought… maybe the apocalypse won’t be so bad.

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The items found in this post are available in sizes XS-XXL.

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Photo Credit: Katja Kat