Freedom Reigns Pushes Over The Border


On deck with two rippling musclemen, Freedom Reigns Underwear returns this season with their 2013-2014 Collection and it’s pushing us to the border!

Shamelessly catering to a contemporary free-spirited All-American man, Freedom Reigns brings a graceful but edgy tone to men’s underwear this year with a pastel palette on a soft cotton blend.

Founded by couple Samuel Castro and Curtis Stallard, the unique brand gives the buttocks significant liftoff, while utilizing bold colors, hip printed patterns and asymmetrical stripes for a fun and relaxed feel. There’s something for everyone: The Malibu Swimwear high-rise square-cut ($55) is grand, the sensual Euro Brief ($30) provides oomph, and the slim-fitting Body Pump Johns ($60) create luster and interesting contour for the package. No wonder the models pictured are dancing on air!

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For more information, go to: Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Freedom Reigns Underwear