The AussieBum The Cup Is The Only Coverage You Need

aussie bum the cup

aussiebum the cup

For the ultimate coverage, with barely any coverage at all, the AussieBum The Cup collection has just what you need.

This is a first for the Australian brand, who have created one of their most cheeky and sexy pairs of underwear yet. The Cup ($14.06) is exactly what it is suppose to be, a cup pouch fastened with a super wide elastic waistband. There is no back to this underwear, so you can feel cheeky while your cheeks can all hang out. The Cup is made from a 90% cotton and 10% elastane memory yarn and comes in four bold color combinations. There is a black body with a blue/white waistband, white body white blue/silver waistband, black body with black/silver waistband and grey body with red/white waistband.

Another cool feature this pair of underwear has, the cup can fold up to save room in your underwear drawer or suitcase. Will you try the newest look from AussieBum? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

The AussieBum The Cup is available in sizes XS-XXL.

For more information on the brand: AussieBum

Photo/Video Credit: AussieBum