Is Andy Murray About To Serve In The Underwear Game?

Making headlines for the 2014 Australia Open, Andy Murray has made another recent headline way outside of his forte, and it may be more in line with ours.

Earlier this month he registered with the Intellectual Proper Office and trademarked his name on over 100 items, including branded underwear, boxer shorts, suspenders, socks, and lingerie. However, don’t get your panties in a bunch over Murray Undies, or commercials of him in just his skivvies. He mostly made the move to protect his name and fame by preventing other people from using it to sell items and bank on his success.

Worry no more Becks — this gold medalist isn’t stepping on your toes anytime soon. You still reign supreme in the athlete underwear business.

If Murray did come out with an underwear collection, what do you think he would name it? Let us know your ideas by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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