[VIDEO] Frigo’s Campaign Videos

Frigio has instantly changed the underwear game with its advanced design and construction. Combining the latest technology, design and the highest of quality materials, one of the most luxurious pair of underwear was created and released, with one of the biggest underwear launch parties to ever happen.

Frigo Launch Party and Pop Up Shop

After many news outlets have reported on this revolutionary underwear, Frigo released four video to prove why this is one of the greatest pairs of underwear to ever be created. The first video above is an introduction and shows the many benefits the underwear provides, including the Frigo Zone, the Frigo Soft Lock and Stay4Sure Hem Stabilizers.

Men already love Frigo. So much, that many celebrities and athletes have backed the underwear brand. Big supporters include Derek Jetter, Carmelo Anthony and 50 Cent. Women are also huge fans of Frigio for the way they make their man look and feel. Check out why women enjoy Frigo so much in these three videos.

Frigo was developed with the mission to provide men with comfortable, practical and stylish underwear, and we agree that they have done a superior job at making it possible. Read the Shop Top link below to find out more about this revolutionary $100 underwear.

The Future of Underwear

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