[VIDEO] Bread & Boxers “The Morning Routine”

the morning routine

the morning routine

Swedish underwear brand, Bread & Boxers wants to wake you up with their newest video called, “The Morning Routine.” In the video, the model awakens from his slumber and opens a brand new pair of Bread & Boxers boxers and t-shirt. As he goes about his morning routine of washing his face, lounging around his chic apartment while catching up the news he notices he is out of bread.

In the meantime a neighbor has already taken advantage of the day with a bike ride through the city to buy some bread. While enjoying coffee on his balcony, he notices his neighbor who, through a friendly act of kindness, tosses him a loaf of her bread. Watch the full beautifully filmed and edited short video below.

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Photo/Video Credit: Bread & Boxers

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