[VIDEO] The AussieBum Milk Collection Does The Body Good

aussiebum milk

aussiebum milk

The benefits of drinking milk are boundless. The nutrients and vitamins packed in it help build strong bones, whitens teeth, builds muscle and give you glowing skin. Just like the drink, the AussieBum Milk collection has just as many benefits for the male body.

Created with 45% real milk fiber, 45% cotton and 10% elastane, the specialized milk fibers will keep your skin nourished and refreshed by capturing moisture and forcing it out of the underwear. Because of this, the skin beneath remains smooth, fresh and tender, just as if you drank your recommended three glasses of milk a day.

The collection comes in two cuts including briefs ($25.61) and hipster trunks ($28.36) with two milkshake inspired colors, Strawberry and Vanilla. The underwear is eco-friendly, light and the milk material helps them breathe easier.

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The AussieBum Milk collection is available in sizes XS-XXL.

For more information on the brand: Aussiebum

Photo Credit: AussieBum