Unwind And Unzip In The Bodyaware Metallic Zip Short

Bodyaware Metallic Zip Short

Shine brighter than diamonds in these looks from the Bodyaware Metallic Zip Short ($26) collection. A perfect fashionable and fun pair of underwear to go out and unwind in, the only problem may be keeping people from trying to unzip you.

This shiny collection is made with a 55% nylon, 30% polyurethane and 15% spandex fabric blend, making them unbelievably smooth and sleek. The shorts sit low on your waist and are cut extra short at the legs to give off a flirty feel. While the fabric is cut super close to certain parts, it still provides a snug and supportive feel while hugging your waist. Metal zippers are found on both sides of the short to make them even more flirty and playful. Depending on your mood, choose from red, silver, blue and turquoise colors.

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The Bodyaware Metallic Zip Short is available in sizes S-XL.

For more information on the brand: Bodyaware

Photo Credit: Bodyaware

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