Tackling the Obviously Counterfeit Ring

Obviously Counterfeit

Obviously underwear has been leading the pack when it comes to the newest in undergarment technology, including fabric, styles and craftsmanship. Because of their highly engineered garments, Obviously falls victim of being copied and cheaply counterfeited; some of their designs are currently the being copied most within the entire industry.

To take control of their original designs, the Australian underwear brand is setting higher standards in their products. While some people think they can benefit from counterfeit items– mainly by getting a look alike item for half the price– the knock offs use cheap imitation fabrics and are not made to the same standards as the real thing.


Starting next year, Obviously is going to generate a unique anti-counterfeit code on the underwear, so buyers will be 100% sure it is 100% Obviously. The encrypted code is made with military grade encryption that guarantees it cannot and will not be copied. Once you get your hands on a pair of these authentic underwear, jump on their website and type in the code found on the product. You will instantly know if you have a genuine pair of Obviously underwear. If it turns up to be a Fauxbiously, the brand will inform that it is fake and you can approach the retailer you procured it from and question them about selling fake underwear.

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