Ken Wroy Embraces The Movement Of People

Ken Wroy

Inspired after the energy and movement of NYC, Ken Wroy – who also takes its name from New York City – has three styles of underwear in the current collection that are based after the always active citizens of the Big Apple.

The three styles come in the four cuts Ken Wroy is known for including, briefs ($24), trunks ($26), boxer briefs ($28) and low-rise trunks ($28). From early morning workouts to late night dance floor sessions, the movement of people that Ken Wroy has captured and interpreted in their underwear can be worn anytime.

Wake up early to get your morning run in, while wearing a pair of the Sporty Marathoner undies. The orange colored body of the underwear will give you an extra boost of energy to get up and out of bed to hit the pavement. This print has an overlay of ‘marathoners’ racing toward the finish line.

The Burn the Dance Floor collection has a retro red and grey dance floor inspired print. There are sporadic images of people busing classic dance moves.

Keep the dance floor moves going at the after party in the Ken Wroy Party Animal printed line. This series has an electric yellow and grey plaid pattern and images of people breaking down more dance moves into the wee hours of the morning.

Which style of the movement of people inspired lines most represents your lifestyle? Let us know by commenting below or tweet @underwearexpert.

The three energetic Ken Wroy lines are available in sizes S-XL.

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Photo Credit: Ken Wroy

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