The Go Softwear Padded and Body Shaper Collection Answers Men’s Prayers


Girls have it– When they need an extra lift or extra inch here or there, they have a huge selection of products on the market to help them gain their desired look. However, when men need a little more help, finding the right product out there is pretty damn hard. That is why Go Softwear stepped up their game with the Padded and Body Shaper underwear collections.

Go Softwear currently has 15 products that will give your body the extra boost it needs with padding found in the buttocks and crotch. These are great if you want to add some extra leverage for a hot date, or even for athletic purposes such as bike riding.

The M series is Go Softwear’s body shaper line and it has four products to choose from. The M Torso Shaper ($61.50) is made from 84% nylon and 16& spandex and it is designed to flatten and tone a man’s torso from the waist up. The black and white options have a center front zip which makes it easy to take off and on and it is shaped like a muscle shirt with arm openings. The M Padded Pouch & Butt Biking Brief ($41.50) is made from 90% cotton and 10% lycra, and this piece gives added definition to your front and back. The M Padded Butt Boxer Brief ($38.50) is made from 90% cotton and 10% lycra and is constructed with a double foam padding on the back. Like the Boxer Brief, the M Padded Butt Brief ($35) offers the same benefits but in a smaller cut.

If you need more than just a few inches, the Super Padded series is your shining light. The Super Padded Boxer Brief ($38.50) is made from 90% cotton and 10% lycra and offers twice the amount of padding than the M series. The Super Padded Butt Brief ($37.50), Super Padded Brief w/ Padded Pouch ($33) and Super Padded Jockstrap ($23) all have the same extra padding benefits as the boxer brief.

For those who need just a little boost, try the basic padded collection which includes the Padded Butt Brief ($33), Padded Boxer Brief ($35) and Padded Jockstrap ($21) which are all made form 90% cotton and 10% lycra. These boys will give you a small amount of support in the rear. There is also a Slimming Tank ($33) which takes away any flaws in the abs and love handles to make a slimmer appearance. The Waist Shaper ($28.50), made from 90% cotton and 10% lycra is a brief that extends into extra fabric and works to flatten the stomach area.

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The Go Softwear Padded underwear collection is available in sizes S-XXL.

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