Get A Tommy John Upgrade

Guys, it’s time to take responsibility for your underwear actions. High-end men’s underwear brand Tommy John is calling guys out on the double standard they place on women’s underwear. It is a common thing for men to always expect women to be in their sexiest underwear 24/7. In the video above, see how women are now expecting men to ditch their ancient underwear with holes, in exchange for something sleeker and flattering.

The women in the video slowly and seductively strips down to just her panties. Once she gets her jeans off, you may be anticipating her to be wearing her hottest pair of lingerie, however, she reveals an aged pair of grannie panties that are falling apart. Tommy John flips the script for this video, showing the world what women usually face when their man gets down to just his underwear. Answer their call for nicer underwear by throwing out any old ratty pairs and replacing them with something more eye-catching, like any pair of underwear from Tommy John.

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Photo/Video Credit: Tommy John

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