Garcon Model Kickstarter Reaches Its Goal

Garcon Model Kickstarter

We were one of the first to report it to you, that up-and-coming Canadian based underwear brand, Garcon Model launched a Kickstarter for fans to partake in the production of their second collection, where you have the opportunity to cast a vote on various color schemes.

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The Garcon Model team originally pledged $10,00 to help create their second collection and they reached their goal in a matter of days. With the success of their campaign, Garcon Model has now pledge a total goal of $30,000 with hopes to create a bigger collection. As of today they currently have 219 backers and are a few hundred shy of reaching $20,000.

With 22 days to go, the brand is offering a new deal for backers. Anyone who pledges $135 or more will receive an exclusive limited edition print, named the GM Blue Print, which you can find in the gallery below. Will you take this very rare opportunity to give your opinion on Garcon Model’s next collection? Let us know if you have backed the Garcon Model Kickstarter by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Garcon Model

Photo Credit: Garcon Model

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