The Comfort and Ease of Helux Gear Underwear

helux gear

After an extensive search for comfortable and functional underwear, Greg Donmoyer wasn’t pleased with his findings, so he decided to develop his own. Starting in 2012, the economics and finance professional from Harrisburg, PA had to teach himself how to sew along with everything there is to know about fabrics, digital pattern making and pretty much anything else that goes into making underwear. During the learning and experimenting phases, his idea for Helux Gear underwear was manifested.


After numerous trials, errors, prototypes and samples, Greg finally found the exact design he envisioned, a pair of underwear that gave you both superior comfort as well as an ergonomic pouch that has an opening. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, pairs of Helux underwear come in briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. Every pair has the helux crotch pouch that is outlined in elastic so access is easier than ever.


The pouch is made with two separate pieces of fabric in an arrow shape, with a larger top than the bottom, that are joined at the bottom to form the base. The upper parts crisscross over each other so they are pulled in opposite directions, the top and bottom parts are sewn together, and the upper most part of the material are also attached together to form the pouch. When you need access, just pull each side of the pouch and you’re in!

To help his project along, Greg turned to Kickstater with an original pledge of $2,500. On April 5, 2013, his entire project was funded and almost doubled with help from his backers. His current collection has all three styles of underwear and they currently come in two colors, Aqua Blue and Black. Greg plans on developing more pairs of undies with different colors and fabrics.

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Photo Credit: Helux Gear