Andrew Christian Holiday Video & More Model Instagram Photos

Andrew Christian Holiday Video

This week in underwear model Instagram photos, Pablo Hernandez shares some shots of him and fellow Andrew Christian models on set of the Andrew Christian Holiday Video. The photos on Instagram are a lot tamer than the actual video. In the video, models are twerking in jockstraps, jock briefs, briefs, and, well, no underwear. There are police officers and puppets. AKA the Andrew Christian Holiday video is probably the best party you could have been invited to all season. That, or, a night out with Bill Hader’s Stefon character.

In other festive news, Colby Melvin and his fiance, Brandon Brown, celebrated the coming of Christmas in two ways: working and vacationing. In one shot, the two are shown with santa hats and some seasonal trunks. In another, the two are full clothed and enjoying a day out at Disney.

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Photo Credit: Instagram