The American Apparel Holiday 2013 Videos Are Here

American Apparel Holiday 2013

American Apparel Holiday 2013

American Apparel ditched the jingle bells and went straight for a male pole dancer for their two holiday videos.

Brandon who is either a professional pole dancer, G0-Go boy, gymnast or acrobat, though we’re not sure. One thing we do know for sure is that his pole twirling skills are mesmerizing. In the first video seen below, watch as he traps you into the 23 second short only wearing briefs, cuffed beanie and tinsel.

American Apparel also made sure to make a video for Hanukkah where Brandon sports blue briefs, cuffed beanie and a decorative Jewish star as he works his way around and around and around the golden pole some more. This video is also artistically shot with with a kaleidoscope lens so you can clearly see all of his moves.

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Photo/Video Credit: American Apparel