Top 5 Men’s Underwear Brands for Everyday Men


Ladies and Gents, ever wonder what brands your man shops for his underwear needs? You already know whether your man is a boxer or briefs man, but do you know if he’s a Calvin or Hanes man? Look no further, he’s probably wearing one of the top 5 men’s underwear brands for everyday men.

You’ve most definitely heard of all of the brands collected in our gallery of underwear brands for everyday men, but do you know why they’re timeless classics men shop year after year? The answers are reliability, accessibility, diversity of style, color and fit, and in most cases, these brands have celebrity spokespeople.

Men usually choose their style based on their package, but they choose their brand based on loyalty. Here are the top five men’s underwear brands for everyday men, regardless of whether or not the guy chooses boxers, briefs boxer briefs or something else.

 Photo Credit: Calvin Klein, Hanes, Jockey, Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani