The Marek + Richard Detention Campaign

Marek + Richard Detention

New kids on the underwear block, Marek + Richard are here to present you with their newest collection Detention, and a fantastic photo campaign to go along with it.

The newest release from the fun and rebellious underwear design duo is based around those bad kids and misfits we all remember – or maybe even were – in school. Using back to school classics, such as neon highlighters and black and white notebooks as inspiration, this is a full head-to-toe collection. Complete with underwear, t-shirts and sweatpants, any piece from this collection will get you through those hours of after school detention in comfort and style.

See how the boys in detention distract their underwear peers with this awesome themed photo campaign. Whether they were sent to the Principal’s office for flicking off a teacher, drawing on desks or wearing inappropriate attire, we can agree they look great serving their time.

We want to know what you scored during this sale, especially if it is something from the Detention line. Comment below or tweet a pic of your underwear @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Marek + Richard

UNDERWEAR EXPERT EXCLUSIVE: While you enjoy Marek + Richard’s newest campaign photos, also check out their website now through Cyber Monday, December 2, to get 50% off your entire order. After you’ve filled your shopping cart with the best from the Detention, Cabin and Tropicool collections make sure to use the coupon code: FIFTYOFF for the sales to apply. Also, an extra bonus is that the company offers free shipping on orders more than $75.

Photo Credit: Marek + Richard