James Franco Cat Calendar

Ellen Degeneres has recently been building up an underwear army with some of the hottest celebrities.

James Franco visited Ellen’s show last week and they discussed his love for felines. Ellen, who loves a good on-going joke decided to play around with Photoshop to present us with a mock James Franco underwear and cat calendar. Our favorite month is December where a Santa hat clad Franco’s head is plastered on a buff body wearing only a red thong. To see his real body check out the Instagram photo he took recently in the gallery below.

Franco isn’t the only one whose body has been objectified by Ellen, and we love her for it. Chris Pratt also recently made an appearance on the show and they discussed his stripper days and how he went from beefy to beef cake. Of course Ellen showed off Pratt’s shirtless selfies during the prompt.

Adding another chiseled guy to her underwear army is Matt Chapman¬†who was runner up in Ellen’s Australian underwear model search. While he may not have won her contest, his good looks didn’t go unnoticed because he recently graced the cover of DNA Magazine. We’re starting to think Ellen is on to something and we wouldn’t mind it if she started an underwear company, as long as she continues to show off some hot guys.

See the gallery for three of Ellen’s hottest underwear soldiers and let us know which ones you would like to see join her team by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.