The Defining Rounderbum Anatomic Coral Boxer

Rounderwear Anatomic coral

Are your gym workouts not giving you the definition you need? If it’s taking longer than you would like, add some definition with the Rounderbum Anatomic Coral boxer.

This boxer ($22.50) is designed using white, blue and coral colors for a color blocking and defining effect. The colors are carefully placed so that the lines and breaks draw an outline around a man’s best assets. The coral color loops around the circles of the buttocks to give them an extra pop, while it sets your package apart from the rest of the boxer. It has a closed front and a back seam to add even more definition to your goods.

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For more information on the brand: Rounderbum

The Rounderbum Anatomic Coral is available in sizes L-XL.

Photo Credit: Rounderbum

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