Model of The Week: Jon Varak

When we saw the Andrew Christian Twerk video, we just had to share it with our readers. Since, it has been viewed on our site over 50,ooo times from our website alone. We can’t really tell what makes the video so electrifying. Could it be the awesome music, the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy underwear, or the Trophy Boys themselves? No matter what your reason for loving the video, you have to admit that the video’s leads, Jon Varak and Jeffrey Hawkins, slayed the dance floor and literally swept up the casualties with their “assets.”

With the post being one of our most popular, we had to get the twerktastic details from one of the videos breakout stars himself. When we spoke with Jon Varak on a Thursday afternoon last week, we got to find out a little more about the man that can jiggle and shake like no other. Within a thirty minute conversation and through a charming southern accent, the self proclaimed nerd discussed becoming an Andrew Christian model, his favorite underwear, and how high school bullies pushed him to become the model who he is today.

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