Bartender Talks Andrew Christian & Finding The Right Fit With Model Colby Melvin

Model Colby Melvin

Grant is a 29 year old bartender who works at the famous Mickey’s bar in Los Angeles. When it comes to his underwear, he loves Andrew Christian and is pretty indecisive when it comes to briefs and boxer briefs. What is certain for Grant is that anything he wears should fit and hold everything in place. “I’ve got a bit of an ass,” he told our Boxer or Briefs correspondent, model Colby Melvin.

When asked about his thoughts on jockstraps, Grant said that there’s a time and a place. We can only imagine what that means, but, he’s certain that the underwear he finds most sexy are boxer briefs. “In other words, anything you;d see on yourself,” Melvin concludes.

Check out Grant in the video below. Does the perfect fit matter to you? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.