[PHOTOS] Rufskin Rufletic is the Perfect Performance-wear


Rufskin Rufletic

Underwear, sportswear and denimwear champion Rufskin produces clothing that exudes both masculinity and style. The newest release from the brand is geared towards active men engaged in high-performance situations. The Rufskin Rufletic collection comes in three style, Vault (trunk), Relay (brief), and Track (jockstrap).

The full-rise range is cut for additional support without losing any of Rufskin’s sexy flair. Made from a blend of micro-poly/spandex with sweat-wicking capability, the range will breathe at incredibly high levels of activity. The range’s four-way stretch and enclosed, elastic waistband also means no bunching, sagging or shifting will ensue.

The Rufskin Rufletic range combines function with fashion, making it a great choice for any individual. Check out the images below and let us know at @underwearexpert which Rufskin Rufletic style is your favorite!

For more information on this brand: Rufskin

Photo Credit: Rufskin