Hit The Beach Or The Gym In California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong

California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong

Showing off is one thing, but when you try to show off at Muscle Beach, the competition can be stiff. To make sure you’re getting everyone’s attention, slip into the California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong; one of California Muscles’ newest additions, this thong will show off everything you have to offer.

The practically transparent sheer fabric showcases the goods, while the curved pouch enhances the visuals, which will please any passerby. The top of the curved pouch has four metal studs, which can easily snap on and off, and which is also featured at the bottom of the thong for easy accessibility. Once the pouch is snapped off, a two-hole masculine liner is exposed while you’re exposing all that you’ve got!

The California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong is made up of a combination of 80% nylon and 20% spandex fabric. Keeping it classic and simple, the brand offers the thong in both black and white color options. Let us know if you think the California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong is the right choice for you in the comment section below.

The California Muscle Bushwhacker Thong is available in sizes S-XL.

Photo Credit: California Muscle