Beefcake of the Week: Daniel Garofali

This week’s Beefcake of the Week is Daniel Garofali.. who looks pretty much perfect in every photo series in which he’s featured. Looks aside, Daniel must be some sort of shapeshifter, since we see him totally lean and slender in some photo shoots, then beefy and ripped in the next.

In a gallery below, we’ve done our best to capture Daniel Garofali in his beefiest moments, featured in photo shoots for C-in2, Lash Magazine, Rick Day, Kevin McDermott and James Demitri. Daniel Garofali looks most ripped in his C-IN2 Grip Profile brief, in our opinion, but what brand do you think makes Daniel Garofali look his beefiest? C-IN2, 2xist? You might be a fan of Daniel wearing nothing at all… but hey, this is The Underwear Expert, people. Pick a brand!

For more information on these brands: Teamm8, C-IN2, 2xist

Photo Credit: 2(x)ist, Kevin McDermott, Teamm8, Rick Day, Lash Magazine, Listal, James Demitri